Sunday, October 03, 2010

Slip of the tongue

Still on a vaguely Gallic theme, I do have a degree of sympathy with the MEP Rachida Dati, who managed to confuse inflation with fellatio in a TV interview, something I suspect we’ve all done at some time or other. Her faux pas brings to mind an earlier French icon, France Gall, who in 1966 recorded the Serge Gainsbourg song ‘Les Sucettes’, apparently entirely oblivious to its, um, inflationary subtext; she remained in blissful innocence even after making this promotional clip. When someone (I bet it was Gainsbourg, the cad – I’ll never forgive him for what he said to poor, lovely, pre-crack Whitney Houston) explained what was going on, she hid in her bedroom for weeks, and never made a decent record again.

Next week: Ann Widdecombe attempts to warn us about the possibility of a double-dip recession, but accidentally starts talking about bestiality in the middle of the paso doble.


E. Studnicka said...

With Obama in office, I guess we now have to import politicians who end up with their feet (or whatever) in their mouths.

Steerforth said...

There's a clip somewhere with Gainsbourg asking Gall about the taste of aniseed - she's completely oblivious to the innuendo. She must have been very innocent.

Tim Footman said...

Which Obama could well do, MWB, if he weren’t so dependent on autocue.

Which was doubtless the attraction, Steerforth.

E. Studnicka said...

Yes, thank God for autocue. If it weren't for that, nothing we'd say would make any... cookies