Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another one bites the cyberdust

Patroclus has dropped her heaviest hint yet that she's going to knock this blogging malarkey on the head. I should respect her decision; or take a big-picture, Zen view of the whole thing, and accept that shit happens; or even play reverse psychology games and say that I never liked her poxy site, with its Pictish cryptograms and nerdy crushes on Steven Johnson and Cornish babies and two felt pens and all that, and good riddance, and neerrrrr.

But I'm just going to sulk, and occasionally kick the leg of this desk.


Annie said...

No no, it'll be fine. Have faith.

Christopher said...

Desperate news, I know. People felt the same about Sherlock Holmes plunging into the Reichenbach Falls. You could offer to ghost it for her meantime, of course.

Boz said...

I feel your pain, Tim.

Is there some kind of support group we can join?

Chris said...

We could have a whip round, see if we could get her a nanny. Or does that miss the point of having children?

But yeah - sad, sad news, if true.

Anonymous said...

She is one of the original bloggers (probably). It is a big shame.

FirstNations said...

so then who do we turn to? dammit, patroclus is my HERO.

Valerie said...

It won't happen, because it would disrupt the natural order of the universe if it did. She's just feeling guilty that she's not got time to devote to it just at the moment... but babies grow, and Patch will always have something interesting to say. I have faith.

Tim F said...

Annie: I haven't had that since the Smiths split up.

Christopher: But doesn't that mean the Blue Kitten is Moriarty?

Boz: Hi, my names Cultural Snow, and I'm a Patroclus junkie.

Chris: There's a point to children? Crikey.

Oyebilly: This may be the last time I get to trot out my line about the Poly Styrene of Web 2.0.

Sorry FN, we turn to you.

But surely Obama's already knocked the natural order a few inches sideways, Valerie? Patroclus chucking in the babypuke-drizzled towel is just a negative version of the same thing, like Prop 8.

patroclus said...

Aww, Tim, really. I'd forgotten all about the two felt pens, that made me laugh. And then I went back and read the comments on this post, and they *really* made me laugh.

I expect I'll be back - I'm itching to write another post about the unlikely oracle of the financial meltdown, Michelle Ogundehin (editor of Elle Decoration) but there just doesn't seem to be any time. It's even more frustrating that I can *see* the internet but I don't have any hands free to type on it, aargh.

realdoc said...

Could voice recognition software be the answer do you think?

Tim F said...

Or a podcast, perhaps.

A Podroclast.