Monday, August 17, 2009

Deckchairmen of the board

Apparently upon my recommendation, the lovely Geoff has been rediscovering The Korgis; just to move the goalposts, here’s the band from which they evolved, Stackridge. I have decided to adopt the clarinet player as my sartorial role model:


Geoff said...

More to Whispering Bob's taste than those "awful 3rd rate Rolling Stones copyists" the New York Dolls, I presume.

I enjoyed that, Tim. I would've bought a compilation together with the excellent value Korgis one but it didn't seem to exist.

Rog said...

That's Steve "Love the Show Steve" Wright on lead guitar isn't it?

I think he's Korgi Registered now.

Morton Shadow said...

...and Freddie Mercury on bass, Rog.

Lovely selection Timster. Nice to hear a song you can tap your toes to and whistle along to, isn't it?

(Jesus Christ - I'm turning into my old man. It'll be Billy Bloody Joel next. Or Harry Nilsson singing 'Without you' *Mike* *Flowers* *Pops*.....)



w.v.: exessn. Well, that's what rock 'n' roll *used* to be all it's tunes you can whistle in your sleep and soft-shoe-shuffles where the drums are played with *brushes*....

Tim F said...

That’s odd, Geoff, because apparently Stackridge are back together again. I wonder if they still wear those suits.

If it were Steve Wright, Rog, he’d have rolled up his jacket sleeves.

It will never be Billy Bloody Joel, Mort.