Sunday, August 30, 2009

The book of Daniel

Stan of Bête de Jour infamy recently bemoaned the state of being An Author Who Is Not Dan Brown; in WH Smith, he was offered 50% off The Lost Plot or whatever DB’s latest extravaganza is going to be called, which is bad enough if you’re just a run-of-the-mill sentient human being, but if you have your own book on the market, that you know is better than Brown’s but your sales figures will be about a squillionth of his, it’s pretty depressing.

So it was with some trepidation that I entered Waterstone’s in Croydon today (yes, am back in the temperate zone). The till chap scanned my copy of Loops (the Domino/Faber muso periodical) and informed me that the Nick Cave novel, an extract of which is included therein, will be published next week.

“And my book’s published the week after that,” I said, and immediately worried whether I sounded too pushy.

“Oh right,” he said, “I hope we can get some signed copies.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” I said, took his business card, and strolled off. There’s the cultural landscape mapped out for you, I pondered: on one side, WH Smith and Dan Brown; on the other, Waterstone’s and Nick Cave and me. And, of course, Stan Bête.

I slipped the receipt into my wallet, and only then noticed at the bottom the half-price offer on the new Dan Brown.

PS: And here’s Expat@large with yet more evidence of Brown’s essential shiteness as a writer.


Geoff said...

My friend lent me Nick Cave's first novel, The Angel's Arse. "Black, Black, Black."

I don't know how WH Smith Retail keeps going. You can get everything cheaper elsewhere on the high street.

Anonymous said...

Describing Dan Brown as a writer, even a shit one, is pushing it a bit.

Tim F said...

WH Smith appeals to the nostalgist in us all, Geoff. We go out of atavistic loyalty. Just like Woolw... Oh.

Hesspartacus: What would you suggest? It's not writing; it's not even typing.