Thursday, December 03, 2009

The spirit of Hornby

I think the first time I ever posted a comment online came about 10 years ago, when The Guardian tried to compile a list of the 100 ‘greatest’ albums that never showed up in lists of 100 ‘greatest’ albums. What they eventually produced, as I pointed out, was the bottom half of a list of the 200 ‘greatest’ albums. In the same admirable if slightly quixotic spirit, that obsessive cinematic taxonomist Iain Stott has come up with another list, this time of the ‘greatest’ films that have somehow evaded the consensual canon of ‘greatestness’. Here’s Iain’s roll-call of second-bestness; here’s, I dunno, the Conference North; and here’s my own humble contribution to the project. Great.

(And there’s more on lists at my Noughties blog.)


Boz said...

Right, look, see this is the problem with the internets, because UI basically need a good bottle of Malbec and an evening in before I can even begin to order my thoughts about all this. And I'm at work. At my desk. And I really really want to just look at all of this.

Anonymous said...

There's a reverse scroll effect induced - a yearning to soar upwards towards the vaulting ceilings of the cathedral... Sorry, I mean, to wonder what the 100 above are.
If this is Spud-U-Like, which are the potatoes you really have your eye on?
(As you can tell, I'm a bit tired after last night's "lively discussions.")

Dick Headley said...

I find the internet tends to make me combative. Which is not my normal nature. A power thing perhaps....the illusion of having control.

Tim F said...

And Boz was never seen again.

BWT, the Canon can be found here.

It's not an illusion, Dick. We are i control. The Windows 7 ads say so. Must be true.