Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merrily on high

A persistent urban myth holds that when the sodden corpse of the free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler was fished out of the East River in November, 1970, it was discovered that he'd been tied to a jukebox. Which surely suggests a particularly bleak parlour game, or maybe the pitch for a radio programme, Desert Island Discs reimagined by Chris Morris: if you were plunging towards a cold, dark, watery, inevitable doom, which records would you want to be playing on the lump of chrome and glass and bakelite that was dragging you under?

Albert Ayler: 'Bells' (1965).

Oh, Merry Christmas, by the way.


Fat Roland said...

"Labels: Christmas, death, music."

I hear Christmas death music is going to be more popular than dubstep in 2009.

Dick Headley said...

That's the 70s for you. I expect they tie people to ipods these days.

patroclus said...

Oh, I know this one:

1. 'Greetings in Braille' by The Elected

2. 'Neon Filler' by Howe Gelb

3. 'Darker With The Day' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Although at 10 mins plus, it would have to be quite a leisurely plunge.

Anonymous said...

Some drill 'n' bass.

Or the Pogues.

Tim F said...

That's true, Roland. Second only to Ramadan mumps polka.

Would have to be a lot of them, Dick.

Oh, supremely leisurely, P. Time slows down, or so I understand.

Have both, Billy. You get 36, plus B-sides. (It's old-style vinyl, natch.)

rockmother said...

Hells bells - that's a bit grim. Bob Swipe told me about a great idea he had for a gameshow last year - to tie Kerry Katona to a concrete block and make her swim across the Mersey - we were going to call it Kerry Across The Mersey. Happy Christmas! x

Tim F said...

Why not make her swim to Iceland? Can't think of a good title, but it would make even more compelling telly.

patroclus said...

Swimming With The Fish Fingers?

rockmother said...

Swimming In 75 Battered Spring Roll Platters for £2 quid?

Tim F said...

Or the Silicone Breast Stroke, of course.