Friday, August 31, 2007

Some old queen or other

In which I run the risk of upsetting Daily Express readers (and maybe a few Coldplay fans).


patroclus said...

Oh no, you've caused THAT argument to break out again - the one about how 'there's been no good music since 1989/1968/1954/1791'. No good can ever come of that argument, in my experience. It's always just people claiming the music they liked when they were young was somehow better than it is now.

Tim F said...

Well it bloody was.

Valerie said...

That's one of my favorite Smiths songs, anyway.

I'm of the annoying ilk who think there is good music and bad music and -- much worse -- mediocre music coming out all the time, and there always has been.

That said, the punk sensibility was conveniently set aside at some point, and you have to look beyond the sound to find it now. My student employees used to think the music I listened to was "too noisy"...

Despite the sound, little would convince me that Green Day are (still, anyway) punk. At the same time, Bad Religion has managed to thumb their noses at the conventional despite their college degrees and the lovely, Americana sound of "Sorrow."

I do think the Dianaphilia is Not Punk. But then I also sort of writhed in horror when the Clash and Dead Kennedys first came out on CD. Maybe I'm the one who's too hooked on creating an anti- to the conventional..

I go round in circles. Will think about it.

Tim F said...

Of course there's still good music coming out. But hey, allow me to reiterate the core argument of my Radiohead book for a few more months.