Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I've always had a grim sort of fascination for the type of marketing campaign where the actual product is an afterthought. Absolut is a classic example: they finalised the design of the bottle before they began formulating the vodka.

Along these lines, I've come up with the germ of a great campaign, but as yet have no product. All that I know is that the tagline consists of the wonderful Tony Benn

saying: "It'sh the dog’sh bollocksh."

Does anyone have a stray product to which this might be attached? I'm thinking maybe high-yield investments. Or Toilet Duck.


Geoff said...

It would have to be tea or tobacco if he were to do it with any conviction. And it would have to be Fairtrade.

He'd be sitting in his living room in front of his bookcase but we wouldn't be able to see the names of any of the books as that would be advertising.

Billy said...

I can hear him saying that. Whatever the product is, he should raise a huge mug of tea after saying that, and wink.

Annie said...

Absolut is a classic example: they finalised the design of the bottle before they began formulating the vodka.

That has made me want to stop drinking Absolut. Saying that, I love this guerilla campaign

Annie said...

He is known as one of the few politicians to have become more left-wing after holding ministerial office

How can you not love him? I'd buy anything he advertised, including Absolut.

Rog said...


Unless he advertises Alistair Campbell's "book" when he would have to leave out the words "the dog'sh".

llewtrah said...

An advert for canine birth control of the surgical variety? Maybe doggy vasectomies ?

Lorna said...

D'oh! Llewtrah beat me to it: I was going to make an 'actual dog's bollocks' quip! Failing that, I'd say he could replace Michael Winner advertising Esure insurance: I'd certainly be more likely to buy from him than from the offensive Mr W. ;)

Tim F said...

I think Billy's right: the wink is crucial. It says "Look at me, I'm shubverting capitalishm from within! I met Gandhi, y'know. Who wantsh a chocky digeshtive?"

Garth said...

Toilet Duck: in New Zealand the ad has our vigilante duck speeding round the bowl in a racing car, the punchline being: "No nasty skid marks".
NZ is not renown for subtlety.
Another example is a windscreen repair company whose jingle goes "Show us yer crack!"

Alex said...

He has to be selling breadcrumb coated canine scrotums- truly the dog'sh bollochsh.

They'd go down well in Scotland as long as they were deep fried.