Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy New Year (again)

It's Songkran, or Thai New Year, as opposed to Chinese New Year (dragons and red t-shirts) or farang New Year (bombs). Songkran is the one where passers-by get doused with liquid clay and buckets of water, although since the rainy season appears to have started early this year, the effect may be muted.

Now that we've moved from the fleshpots of Sathorn to the quiet suburbia of Patanakarn, celebrations will probably be a little less raucous this time round. The most exciting things to have happened in recent days were the appearance of a couple of mynah birds on the balcony, and the nice lady next door giving us a bag of mangoes fresh from her tree. And, of course, the discovery in the local mom'n'pop store of a new brand of sugary biscuits, called "SWEETY CRACK".


FirstNations said...

sit back with one of the confiscated Manaras (may i suggest 'topkapi') throw mangoes at the mynahs and enjoy the peace. eat a sweetie crack.

i have no self control.

Valerie said...

That may indeed be an accurate name for the biscuits. At least, I find it would apply in my own case. Can't put the darned things down.

(Of course it could be more of a sexual or physiological comment, but it's kind of hard to see that with a biscuit. I'll take the drug analogy.)

Ahh, mangos. Yum. The most decadent thing I used to do was to hang out in our hot tub, which used to sit on the edge of a lush green canyon, late at night with a plate of cut-up mango and papaya. Even better if it was raining. But I wax sentimental, now...

Spinsterella said...

oooh - I spent a very wet Songkran in Chang Mai one year.

I'm not normally one for having 'fun', but it was awesome.