Friday, March 17, 2023

About Nadine Dorries

For no particular reason, I asked ChatGPT to write a sonnet about Nadine Dorries and, intriguingly, it’s just about bad enough to be a sonnet written by Nadine Dorries (if the former Culture Secretary knew what a sonnet was). 

Fair Nadine, who in politics finds her place,
Her voice is heard with vigor and with grace,
She stands for values, for freedom and for right, 
And battles those who seek to dim the light. 
With passion, she defends the common folk, 
And fights for justice, always without cloak, 
Her heart is true, her mind is clear and bright, 
And with her words, she challenges the might. 
Her spirit soars, unbound by fear or doubt, 
And with her strength, she leads the righteous rout, 
For she believes in truth and in what's just, 
And in her cause, she puts her sacred trust. 
So let us hail fair Nadine's noble heart, 
For in her work, she plays a vital part.

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