Friday, June 15, 2007

Plugging in the computer

Never try to write an advertorial for your own product. The instinct to avoid blowing one's own trumpet results in a muffled buzz from a broken Stylophone inside a lead box three miles away. During a thunderstorm.

But anyway, happy birthday tomorrow, to OK Computer. And, even more importantly, to my mum.

P.S. I'm quite proud of "the band it's OK for politicians to pretend to like".


S said...

OK Computer is 10 years old already!!! Gee it doesn't seem that long ago that I bought it on its release date. It certainly doesn't sound 10 years old though.

patroclus said...

Oh no, you started *that* argument! The one about how 'music was much better in my day; the music you get these days is all crap/derivative/not a patch on 'The Wall'.'

I know you didn't say that, but that's not going to stop your commenters saying it.

Ooh, I hate that argument so much.

Dick Headley said...

It's just the aging process basically but I think you're right. Very hard to imagine another album with the impact of Sergeant Pepper. I was already out of it when OKComputer came out.

Tim F said...

Don't forget it arrived at about the same time as Blair, James. Maybe it'll suddenly sound dated in a couple of weeks' time.

Yes, Patroclus, you would have thought they would have got the hint from the bit where I said the significance of the Pepper anniversary didn't have much to do with the music. Ho hum.

Ah yes, DH, but if you weren't out of it when Sgt Pepper was released, you weren't there. Or something.

Annie said...

Ah, you're recommending Arcade Fire, did you change your mind on them?

(I thought you had said they were like Bruce Springsteen, and not meaning it as praise, but maybe I'm getting you confused with someone else)

Tim F said...

No, you're right, I did say that, and I stand by it. I do like the album, happy to recommend it, but I don't agree with the critical consensus that it was a near-flawless masterpiece. (Not as good as Feist, say.)