Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never mind the flintlocks

(I'm very busy this weekend, so I hope you'll forgive me if I resort to the last and lowest refuge of the lazy blogger, the YouTube post.)

Popular music, of all the art forms, seems the best able to craft precious jewels from dollops of rancid ordure. But I was still disturbed to discover, during one of those aimless, witless YouTube trawls, that one of the most scintillating slices of 80s Scouse anthemic pop:

may owe rather more than we might have guessed or wished (from 1:21) to a band that would probably be entirely forgotten were it not for the fact that their drummer was a Tomorrow Person:


Betty said...

What a terrible dancer Pete Wylie was - in fact, the entire video was pretty awful.

Flintlock used to have a kids' TV show that was co-presented by Pauline Quirke. There were complaints from viewers because one of the band was pretending to look up Pauline Quirke's skirt. It was probably the last time that anyone attempted to look up Pauline Quirke's skirt.

Rog said...

Wasn't he fired from Flintlock? A pity it wasn't in the direction of the smug Mr Noel Tidybeard.

Geoff said...

I think the Manics learnt a lot from Mr Wylie.

Tim F said...

Betty: One wonders what they were looking for. Latvia?

Roger: My God, imagine the shame of not being good enough to drum for Flintlock.

Certainly in the sneering/tight jeans combo, Geoff.