Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In 1987, I was on the Exeter team that got to the quarter-finals of University Challenge.

We lost. But not like this.

PS: Further grisly details here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that the other day. I thought Paxman was unusually gracious!

Boz said...

But that Trimble girl on the opposing team was some kind of super intelligent human!

I applied to Exeter University. They rejected me. Swines.

garfer said...

The questions were much more difficult when ginge Bamber was in the chair, which proves that education in this country has gone to the dogs.

They even allow ex Polytechnics to take part these days, which is just plain wrong.

Tim F said...

tenderhooligan: Well they had made it to the Q's, so they couldn't be complete imbeciles.

True, Boz. I saw her in some earlier heats. Speed as well as knowledge. Think she'll be popping up elsewhere before long.

And Wagon Wheels were bigger then as well, Garfer.

patroclus said...

We should so get that blogger team together and avenge the old alma mater.