Thursday, January 08, 2009

Diet of worms

I've got a feeling this may be the greatest advertisement ever created:

It's the double-whammy combination of initial kitsch overload, followed by the ghastly realisation (half-way down the right-hand side, maybe five seconds later) of what it's actually selling. Thanks to Eric D for bringing it to my attention.


Wyndham said...

It worked for Maria Callas. She was big fan, apparently.

Christopher said...

Well, clearly they weren't Pavarotti's.

West said...

"No diets, no baths, no exercise..."

Why does that sound so familiar??



p.s. wrod behnification: aphra


Tim F said...
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Tim F said...

Or not so big, Wyndham.

Only thing he didn't eat, I suspect, Christopher. He did, however, dye two black and stuck them over his eyes.

Millwall fans, Bob.

Unknown said...

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