Thursday, January 08, 2009

Diet of worms

I've got a feeling this may be the greatest advertisement ever created:

It's the double-whammy combination of initial kitsch overload, followed by the ghastly realisation (half-way down the right-hand side, maybe five seconds later) of what it's actually selling. Thanks to Eric D for bringing it to my attention.


Wyndham said...

It worked for Maria Callas. She was big fan, apparently.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Well, clearly they weren't Pavarotti's.

Robert Swipe said...

"No diets, no baths, no exercise..."

Why does that sound so familiar??



p.s. wrod behnification: aphra


Tim Footman said...
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Tim Footman said...

Or not so big, Wyndham.

Only thing he didn't eat, I suspect, Christopher. He did, however, dye two black and stuck them over his eyes.

Millwall fans, Bob.

Ward Hardman said...

Cunt Shit Anus Fistfuck Arsebandit Ball-licking Felch Amputee fetish Two girls one cup. Timmy is a cunt. Lick my arse, Timmy you fucking turdyboy.