Monday, January 05, 2009

Jesus built my hotrod

I saw the above image on the back of a car over the weekend. Now, I'm fairly laid-back when it comes to the whole Creationism debate. People hold all sorts of apparently crazy, illogical beliefs but, hey, whatever gets you through the daily grind, you know? If I were to tell someone he wasn't allowed to believe that a beardy man in a nightshirt made everything out of magic clay in six days flat, he could just as easily turn round and tell me that, notwithstanding my own deeply-held beliefs, The Smiths were rubbish and hummus tastes like acrid Polyfilla. It goes nowhere, so I usually let it go.

But this badge nagged at me. OK, the owner of the car has rejected most of the fundamental assumptions that underpin modern biology, palaeontology and geology. Fair enough, his choice. But if he's gone that far, he's just as likely to reject the basic tenets of physics and engineering.

And should someone like that be in charge of a motor vehicle?


CathElliott said...

But the Smiths were rubbish!

Tim F said...

That's incitement to religious hatred that is, Elliott. Consider yourself under a fatwa.

Steerforth said...

Well I suppose at least he's up front about it. What I can't stand is those little fish symbols. If you're a Christian, stick a big bloody cross on the back.

Car signs are usually a big mistake. I saw a 'Babe on Board' sign in the back of one car and, I must admit, deliberately overtook to have a look. The driver was an extremely plain, beaky-nosed girl with acne.

Perhaps she had a well-developed sense of irony.

Anonymous said...

I think Darwin's winning the argument over on Radio 4 with Melvyn THIS INSTANT, though. Tim, are you setting the agenda?

Christopher said...

Actually the smaller monopod fish is eating the larger from the inside. Very subtle.

[Isn't the fish symbol more ancient than the cross? I understood it came from ichthus, the Greek for fish and a symbolic acronym, viz.:
i (=j) for Jesus
ch for Christos
th for theou (= of god)
u for uios (= son)
s for soter (= saviour)

i.e. Jesus Christ, son of god, the saviour

- but I don't expect I've got it absolutely right.]

CathElliott said...

Tim - "Consider yourself under a fatwa."

Heaven knows I'm miserable now :)

Although still not as miserable as Morrissey obviously.

Rog said...

Did they have a "Tiny Brain Cell on Board" sticker as well?

West said...

With you on the Smiths and Hummous, Tim (Shame on you Smiths blasphemers!!). Not particularly convinced by literalist Creationism either, but I think one ought to to be cautious of suspending altogether one's scepticism of Darwin and his theories. This is a man, after all, who writes with total scientific certainty that the European races were (are?) superior to all others in evolutionary terms (i.e. more 'fit' to survive') Whilst Creationists (and God, for that matter) have spawned some pretty indefensible acts in their name, people should maybe read the label a bit more thoroughly where Darwinism is concerned.

It's a very barren ideology if you're looking for a philosophical basis to live the way you live your life (i.e. you, your loved ones and everything else in the universe have no purpose whatever, beyond mechanically reproducing a genetic code) Darwin's conclusions may well be the correct basis by which top proceed - but surely we cannot live as if it is. Even if we need to invent it or cross or fingers behind our backs, we need to live according to more humane instruction...?


West said...

Did they have a "Tiny Brain Cell on Board" sticker as well?

Or - " other amphibious landing craft walks on water...", perhaps?


grunge queenlatifahication: prower the people?

(...or all our friends??)

Tim F said...

Not just the cross, Steerforth. It only works with the guy stuck on it, and the thieves either side, and the Romans. And Eric Idle, of course.

Funny that, Pleite. I wondered why Andrew Marr appeared before me in a long white dress saying "Help me, Tim, you're our only chance."

Sounds, right, Christopher. But I like the idea of Cliff Richard praying to a halibut.

I warned you, Elliott. Check under your car for gladioli.

No Murph, but they do have one saying 'My other car is a chariot of fire.'

Do agree, Bob. I find Dawkins' absolutism as smug and grating as that of any Godbothering fundie. But put a gun to my head and make me choose between the old beardy guy who existed and the one who didn't, I'll go for Charlie. Sorry 'bout that.

Geoff said...

I thought Christ was a little skinny bloke.

Billy said...

When I see those fish, I reach for my harpoon.

Fat Roland said...

Geoff, you're thinking of Gok Wan.

Christopher, you're right about the Ichthus.

I spent nine years of my life selling Christian tat to tatty Christians, and I think that Darwin / fish sign is the best thing I have ever seen. Ever. It's so dumb, it's brilliant.

Word ver: "ohcrapweareallgoingtohell"

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Creationists are very easy targets, but for some reason many people tar all Christians with the same brush. Lots of Christians believe in theistic evolution which posits that evolution is the method by which God created and continues to create the world. Science and religion are not always enemies despite what Richard Dawkins would have us believe.

The ichtus symbol was a secret symbol that early Christians used to signify safe meeting places while they were being persecuted by the Romans.

I agree with Mr Roland - that badge is highly amusing...

Tim F said...

That was Woody Allen, Geoff. Do try to keep up.

I find a squoosh of lemon is good enough, Billy.

OK, Roland, tell me... what's the going rate for a signed first edition of Sir Cliffington's You, Me and Jesus?

Sound point there, 9/10. As Tony Benn once said, blaming the Soviet Union on Marx is like holding Jesus Christ personally responsible for the Spanish Inquisition.

FirstNations said...

you know, theres a whole world of drollery and symbolism to be explored in the whole 'body of christ-communion-jesus-fish consuming darwin' situation happening there but I'm not up to it at the moment.

I have seen a version where the Jesus fish is swallowing the Darwin fish and both of them are in turn being swallowed by a truly large fish indeed with the word 'Truth' written on it. Of course I've also seen one that says' Elvis' and wears a little crown, but then I drive too much anyway.

Tim F said...

I want the Elvis one so much, FN, and I don't even have a car.