Saturday, March 28, 2009

High wire

Something that could have turned into a meandering meditation on plagiarism and originality at RBP, but it’s the weekend, so I’ll spare you that; and in the Graun, David Simon articulates a philosophy that should be tattooed on the soul of anyone who has ever claimed to be an artist of any kind: “Fuck the average viewer.”


Garth said...

I see the BBC have finally decided that The Wire is worthy of airing.

LC said...

I heart The Wire. Just finished series two and waiting to get stuck into the third. Generation Kill is good too (Simon and Burns' TV adaptation of Evan Wright's book about the invasion of Iraq).

Billy said...

The BBC, being the bastages they are, seem to the showing the Wire every single day.

This is too much.

Tim F said...

If you're all Wired out, there's a French cop show called Spirals on BBC4 that's meant to be jolly good.

Of course, neither is as good as The Cops, as I keep saying, but nobody listens.

sexy said...