Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the stump

Blimey, everyone's going election crazy.

Not only have we booted out the PM here in Thailand (although Khun Thaksin looks likely to remain something of a backseat driver), we've got Senate elections next week (with 260 people haggling for 18 seats here in the capital).

Meanwhile, in Italy Berlusconi looks to be on his way out; and in dear old Blighty, next month's potentially snoozeworthy local elections suddenly discover a sense of humour when the BNP picks a candidate who looks a bit 'ethnic'.

In this democratic spirit, please vote for me at 3am magazine's poll of the 50 least influential people in publishing.

Thank you, and I did not have sex with that woman.


Robert A. Swipe said...

Your wish is my command Tim.

'See' you in a week or so,

Love on ya,


Tim Footman said...

Be seeing you!

(Does that thing with finger. Pokes self in eye. Owww.)