Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Goo goo g'joob

The organisers of a pay-per-view seance have announced that John Lennon's message to the world is: "Peace."

After 25 years, the man who told us to "give peace a chance," who asked us to believe that "war is over if you want it," who got into bed and a bag for peace, the man for whom, it would appear, peace was quite a big deal... his message to us is, in essence, more of the same.

Well, it's believable, but it ain't exactly news, is it? I mean, if he'd said "Paul was the talented one all along," or maybe "Getting me knob out on the Two Virgins sleeve, that wasn't big and clever was it?" then maybe we might have taken some notice. Or even "'Imagine' is a very cheesy song, and I can't believe so many people like it." But no. "Peace." That's what you get for $10. Next they'll be contacting the hovering shade of John Paul II to clarify his religious affiliations.

And, just when you thought the envelope of taste had been pushed as far as it could go... a horror movie opening in Thailand on Thursday is about a fictional reality game show set in Phnom Penh's S-21 interrogation centre, where the Khmer Rouge murdered about 12,000 people. It stars contestants from Academy Fantasia, the local version of Pop Idol.

For an occidental comparison, imagine a remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer, set in Dachau. Starring Girls Aloud.


Wyndham said...

I'm really concepting this idea. $10? That's like... wait...hold on.. $2 a letter! You'd think that, after, embarking on an infinite life on The Other Side, you'd have plenty of time to develop your message. But, fuck it, why put yourself out when Ono's going to get all the royalties?

Geoff said...

Didn't they cut before "...off. I'm having a great time up here, imagining no religion. Come on George, you can play better than that."

tom l said...

i think they reached his auto-reply recording - hello, you've reached the dead john lennon. i'm not here right now. i'm dead. if you're calling to find out what it's like to be dead, the answer is 'peace'. if you're calling for any other reason, hang up and try elvis'

treespotter said...

a fictional reality show? that's a bit... umm.. ?

and actually i think he did say something about imagine being lame. the song that is. can't remember where though.

treespotter said...

yeah... i really fail to concept of a horror fictional reality show... you should go and tell us about it.

was that good?

Tim Footman said...

Since these seances work because the 'message' is always what the credulous peasants want to hear, maybe the organisers did a quick straw poll to get an idea what punters thought Lennon's astral presence might say.

On a premium rate number, of course.