Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lace relations

Adidas has got itself into a spot of bother and/or generated a spot of publicity by releasing the Yellow Series Y1 Huf, which includes a caricature of a 'Chinese' man.

"It's very sad and disturbing that in this day and age, this stereotype is coming from a large and global company like Adidas," said Vincent Pan, executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action in San Francisco.

It's probably my age, but I find it a bit more disturbing that someone's prepared to cough up just under 150 quid for a pair of plimsolls.


Pashmina said...

On the upside, from their point of view at least, Adidas (or, more accurately, its Reebok division) have "poached" Thierry Henry from evil sweatshop employers Nike. Apparently he's meant to broaden their appeal to the laydeez.

Tim Footman said...

I'd quite like our Terry if he didn't play for the Arse.

Pashmina said...

Yeah, me too. Shouldn't be a problem for much longer though, I think I'll feel free to like him when he plays for Barcelona (which will mean a return to Nike of course. Oh! The irony!)