Friday, April 14, 2006

Boogie with a suitcase

Apologies to those of you (Bob) who have been waiting for the Morrissey review. Will be here soon, honest. In the meantime, Patroclus directs us to a review of every number one single of the millennium in Stylus magazine. If music criticism can be reduced to an essence of laughing at ugly, subnormal people with unpleasant haircuts, then this is definitive stuff. No, I don't remember Tomcraft either.


Betty said...

Is Geri Halliwell trying to look like an inflatable doll version of Alison Goldfrapp in that picture?

The reviewer seems to have good taste, although I have completely failed to remember a note of anything that Craig David or the former Spice Girls have recorded. The Tomcraft song is great!

Tim Footman said...

Geri Halliwell? I thought it was Enrique Iglesias.

And you must remember Craig David. He was the one who chilled on Sunday because his comedy beard was tired.