Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am grateful to James Blue Cat for alerting us to the existence of Irkafirka, which every day aims to pluck one likely phrase from “the massive data deluge that Twitter has become”, and turn it into a deliciously peculiar work of art, along the lines of the one above. Well, I say I’m grateful to James, but to be honest he was hardly going to keep quiet about it, since his was one of the tweets that got plucked.

Aside from the batty greatness of the pictures, there’s a smart marketing idea here; the person whose phrase is selected will inevitably want to shout about it in all available media. It doesn’t feel like bragging, because Nick Hilditch, the pencil-wielding one within the Irkafirka team, is the one doing the real work; it’s like showing off a picture that one’s child has done of “mi mumy”, except that it’s not rubbish.

Moreover, prints of the images are available to buy, and I’m sure that many of the original tweeters will be first in the queue to purchase several. Another comparison; it’s like when you’re on holiday, coming off a boat trip or elephant ride and being presented with a photograph of you enjoying yourself; except that in this instance, the photographer has managed to capture an image from within the deepest recesses of your mind.


expat@large said...


Romeo Morningwood said...

It's a fabulous idea...like Post Secret..maybe someday I'll accidentally say something weird enough to be immortalized.

Anonymous said...

That outburst of bile can be visualised and recorded forever. And then purchases and stuck on the wall of the living room, much to your partner's disapproval.
That's it. I'm giving up twitter.

James Henry said...


Annie said...

Is James' tweet the nose hair one?

Tim F said...

As deep as 140 characters can go, e@l.

I think they're on the lookout for people who try too hard, Donn.

Would one's partner disapprove of the picture, BWT? Or of the words? Or of the fact that you'd been chosen and she hadn't?

Did someone say something?

No, Annie, James's is here.