Friday, July 02, 2010

A moon with a view

EM Forster, to Christopher Isherwood, while watching the first lunar landing:
I don’t think they should be doing that.
(This is my 900th blog post, by the way.)


Anonymous said...

I wonder what he would have thought of blogging!
Congrats, but no cigar til you hit 1000!

Billy said...

What brilliance! (EM *and* your blog posts, natch)

Anonymous said...

How many were unabashed self-promotion? Not enough I dare say.
Anyway - here's to the next 900.

Mapeel said...

In base 9 that would be big news. But you know for syndication rights you have to hit 1,000.

Tim F said...

If I cut off a finger, would it help? But thanks anyway. I think.