Sunday, July 18, 2010

Decline and #fail

From the Time obituary of Evelyn Waugh, April 22, 1966:
...and he depicts the society they dominate as a moral chaos, a twittering world in which bored women leave their husbands for men they do not even like, mothers regret the death of children only because mourning limits social life, and convicts given tools to stimulate their creativity employ them to decapitate the chaplain.
If only the modern twittering world were so thrilling.

PS: Actually, to be fair, it can be quite lively, as both Doctor Gillian McKeith and Jemima Khan discovered recently.


Anonymous said...

Always nice to see Dr "Gillian McKeith" giving herself a booting. However, Jemima Khan is lovely. So lovely in fact that she can do no wrong. Even if she does.

Tim Footman said...

Even if she's as much of a dick as her brother?