Saturday, June 12, 2010

Play your cards right

Philip Larkin on his teenage years:

I had grown up to regard sexual recreation as a socially remote thing, like baccarat or clog dancing.

(And check out some Larkin cartoons at themanwhofellasleep.)


Mapeel said...

Hmm, Larkin seems to be sitting on a football jersey icon. I've got one word for you: "1950"

Anonymous said...

Carrying on with M A Peel's football reference. I have just sat through the latest England disappointment with a load of English people. The saving grace was that there no Scots present. Otherwise there could have been bother.

Mapeel said...

I saw a tweet that the Scots were rooting for US in the match.

I'm a lifelong Mets fan, so I understand disappointment.

Here's the Onion's assestment:

England: Known for inventing new ways to underperform; look for England's players to lose their first World Cup match by forgetting what time it starts and everyone going skydiving instead.

Tim F said...

What you chaps always neglect to mention, Mrs Peel, is that the winning goal in 1950 was scored by a Haitian. (Nice that her Maj gave the hapless goalie a medal, 60 years on.)

Indeed, BWT. I do wonder how the Caledonians will behave if and when they actually qualify again.

Like the Onion analysis, but preferred the prediction for Saturday night, that kick-off was at 1930, but the Americans wouldn't turn up until 1941.