Friday, June 11, 2010

I was adored once too

Putting the notion of the death of blogging into context (see previous post), here’s Something Awful on how, just as Proper Music Journalism was ultimately responsible for its own demise (see Chris Weingarten’s Music is Math speech), music blogging has nobody else to blame when punters get bored and walk away:
Blogs showed up because people got sick of listening to the bullshit these magazines were throwing around, and when people get tired of clicking links, watching videos, and then not saying anything about them, they'll find something else. And by then, we'll have the editor of Stereogum up on stage at some new Twitter conference, sputtering and pointing to his favorite videos, frowning for the loss of his glorious link-delivery system.


Boz said...

True say.

Billy said...

Blogging will not die until Twitter expands the tweet size to 280 characters.

Tim F said...

But surely it wouldn't be Twitter then. It would be something else, like Twunter.