Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spare us the cutter

More self-aggrandising nostalgia masquerading as social comment:

And here it comes again. It's senseless, it's depressing, and we all feel powerless to stop it. No, not knife crime; not quite. I mean a far more pervasive social evil; people talking about knife crime, apportioning the blame. It's Thatcher's fault, bark the lefties, because she made everyone selfish and materialistic. No, it's that Roy Jenkins and his damned permissive society, retort the Telegraph readers. Actually, a contrarian declares, it all started when King Arthur took the sword out of the stone, and made blades fashionable. And so on.

But it's not quite that simple. Excuse the apparent digression, but when I was a teenager, I sometimes went on CND marches...

More Greenham commentary here.


garfer said...

Glaswegians have been stabbing each other for generations, the rest of the country is just catching up.

I blame Bruce Forsyth.

Tim Footman said...

Yeah, but doesn't the Buckie act as a coagulant?