Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hail to the chief

From the advertising department of the Bangkok Post:

Dear Sir,

As you are no doubt aware, President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush will visit Thailand as guests of the Royal Thai Government on August 6 to 7, an event that will commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Thai-US relations.

On August 6, President Bush will meet with Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej at Government House and the prime minister will host a dinner in the president's honour.

On August 7, President Bush will deliver his last major policy speech on Asia before completing his term in January 2009. Afterward, President Bush will visit the Mercy Center, a non-profit organization working for children in Klong Toey.

To mark this important event for Thai-US bilateral relations, we would like to invite you to post your welcome messages to President Bush in a special section of the Bangkok Post which we are arranging for this purpose. It will be an important and timely sign of your organization's own commitment to friendly and mutually beneficial bilaterial relations between our two countries on all levels.

We look forward to discussing our very favourable rates for this opportunity with you at your earliest convenience.

Your faithfully...

Welcome messages, eh?


Billy said...

Is this another L Brent Bozell-style call to arms?

Tim Atkinson said...

And they are paying, too (assuming that's what 'favourable rates' refers to)? How much?

Rimshot said...

I'd like to know more about this Mercy it something I should be donating to?

Tim F said...

If you wish, Billy. But hasn't everything it's possible to say about GWB been said?

Hello Dotterel. That's an interesting notion - who pays whom. "George W Bush is a Neanderthal batterylicker and I claim my fifty quid."

You should, Rimshot, although W's proposed visit has probably devalued the whole idea.

Rog said...

"Neanderthal batterylicker"!! What a wonderful description. Pity the batteries weren't the 60,000 volt variety.

(PS I know wordver comments are extremely naff but couldn't help alerting you to this one which has just come up - "lurvmtv". Does it mean you've gone for the Knopfler Kronicles?)

garfer said...

Couldn't Bush be met by a delegation of ladyboys?

I'm sure that would cement friendly relations between these two great nations.

Tim F said...

I think wordvers should accrue a little ironic retro cool, Murph. And no decision on ver Straits.

That should bring a smile to his chimpy face, Garfer.

llewtrah said...

I'm impressed that they seem able to turn anything and everything into an advertising/money-making opportunity.