Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New technology baffles pissed old hack

Despite the profoundly annoying name, I've belatedly joined del.ici.ous, which has added a few more column inches to the sprawling mess on the right. I need to edit my blogroll, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Actually, I don't mind hurting anyone's feelings, but I don't want them to show up in the Comments box and express those hurt feelings in front of everyone, forcing me to explain my actions. It's all so terribly un-British.

At first, I was tempted to turn the whole thing into a Blog List (which, for non-Blogger bloggers, is a page element that shows when selected sites have been updated - 9/10ths has got one, between his and his labels), but I thought better of it. Partly because it takes up even more space than a bog-standard blogroll; but also because the bloody thing's become deeply annoying, even before I've installed it. The thing is, I'm using a Technorati feed that tells me when someone else links to my own blog. Now, as people have started including Cultural Snow on their Blog Lists, I get notified several times over every time I've updated my own blog. Which, in the hierarchy of utility, is about as helpful as receiving a txt msg every time I go to the toilet.

And of course I'm worried about hitting the wrong button and deleting the whole blog, or (worse) making it look like a MySpace page.

Gah. When I started this bloggety lark, I thought it would just be like writing a diary. I seem to spend more time twiddling with Twitter and LibraryThing and all the other gubbins than I do actually recording my erudite musings here. Count yourselves lucky.

So why bother? A fear of being left behind? A fear of becoming invisible? A fear of becoming this guy?

(Thanks to Dick Headley for that.)


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Right, now I'm going to have to frantically listen to really cool music to make my lastfm feeds look good. Just in case anyone visits to check my blogroll thingummybob.

Thank the Lord my Def Leppard tracks have fallen off the list...


Rosie said...

i use a feed reader, so it matters not a shite because i don't see any of that stuff.

so carry on, Mr. Footman.

Billy said...

I feel really bad every time I remove a blogroll link.

And slightly forward and pushy whenever I add someone.

llewtrah said...

Sometimes I add a blog to the blogroll just for a few months. If the person never comments on my soapbox again iremove them after that time (unless it's a blog I often read).

Tim F said...

9/10: Yes, Def Leppard don't even have irony on their side. Disability chic, maybe...

If you say so, Rosie.

You're so British, Billy.

Llewtrah: I know. One night stands, eh?