Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Language, Timothy!

One reason I maintain my atavistic loyalty to The Guardian is that they don't deploy the prim asterisks that defaced (and made pointless) this story in most other papers:

"Is this a question?" asked the apocryphal philosophy paper. The alpha-plus response, apparently, was "Is this an answer?", which demonstrates, I suppose, that a combination of inspiration, outside-the-box thinking and sheer bloody chutzpah should be worth the same as countless hours of revision and the interminable recital of stock answers to stock questions.

This seems to be Peter Buckroyd's thinking. He is the GCSE examiner who gave two marks to a candidate whose response to the instruction "Describe the room you are sitting in" was "fuck off"...

Its not big, and it's not clever, but there's more of it here.


garfer said...

Chutzpah definitely deserves points, unless is involves txt spk.

Anonymous said...

John Crace, meanwhile, uses the word cocksucker in his digested read of the autobiography of that c**ksucker from the city.

Filth, I tell you, filth.

Geoff said...

Maybe the candidate had been watching series 4 of The Wire.

Billy said...

My favourite swears in the Guardian was them Roy Keane rants.

How exactly do you stick something up your bollocks?

Spinsterella said...

We're not even allowed to use 'crap' or 'bloody'. I overheard someone ask today if 'Sod's law' was all right.

Anyhow, of course it's a question. One: it's got a question mark, and Two: it's a fucking question!

Anyhow, I love swearing.

Tim F said...

Garfer: Then it would be chtzph, surely?

I'm sure 'Crace' is a swearword somewhere, TDT. "I'll rip off your Rusbridger and shove it up your Crace." Etc.

I'd love to see a censored version of The Wire, Geoff. "Crikey, Stringer's been shot in the bottom! Bad show."

I'll send you a diagram, Billy.

But if you quote someone who says 'bloody', Spin, do you:

a) turn it into 'very';

b) turn it into 'bl**dy';

c) leave it out;

d) refuse to have anything to do with the sewermouthed oik ever again?

Tim F said...

Re: My response to Geoff, I've just discovered that when The Wire was shown on BET (an African-American station), it had the effing bleeped out. This I've got to see...