Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's the Cultural Bathos Generator!!!!

From an idea by Small Boo.

"I really like jazz, especially Kenny G."

"I'm heavily into philosophy. I've read everything Paulo Coelho's written."

"I go to the theatre whenever I can. Did you see We Will Rock You? Great, wasn't it?"

"I'm trying to get into opera. Which album should I buy - Il Divo or G4?"

Feel free to add your own.


Robert A. Swipe said...

"My new band are heavily influenced by post-punk experimental music. We just lurve Frank Ferdinand!"

Love on ya,


Tim Footman said...

That's the spirit.

I was trying to think of an equivalent for country music, but am having trouble. Shania Twain, maybe?

zee said...

How about:

I just can't get enough of country music. My favourite song is "Cotton-Eye Joe".

Tim Footman said...

You evil, twisted individual, zee... I've spent the last few years trying to forget that tune...

small boo said...

Howsabout the Jonathan Woss-inspired "I love David Bowie. Tin Machine was so good".

small boo said...

Or "Those Godfather films were really good but the best one is definitely Godfather III."