Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cash + Coldplay

Further thought re: Walk The Line; when we see additional characters such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley etc, represented in a fictional way, do we see them as impersonations of Dennis Quaid, Kurt Russell, etc? Simulacrum City.

Also, overheard at The Brits: "Stop giving James Blunt a hard time. Be proud, he's British." Thus saith boring, bland, posh Chris Martin, leader of bland, posh, boring AOR combo Coldplay, with regard to posh, boring, bland ex-military troubador James Bl(o)unt.


Kirses said...

You are so right - I totally saw the Jerry Lee Lewis actor as a copy of Dennis Qaid. He was good though.

infinitemuppets said...

Coldplay? Britons, why?

New single = (Theme from ZCars + Big Country)/One of those innocent smoothies.

Blunt: a rhyming slang waiting to happen.

Tim Footman said...

That's an excellent analogy, i.m. Coldplay as a smoothie - you think you're consuming an enjoyable indulgence, but it's really just some overpriced fruit.

Chris Martin is a kumquat.