Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The new seekers

It’s only in the past few months that I’ve taken an interest in the numbers of people who read this blog (300-400 a day, since you ask), where they come from (weird surges from Latvia and Djibouti, what’s that all about?), and what they’re looking for. The latter data is a little disappointing: rather that seeking out my profound insights into culture and philosophy, they want to know about:
toby young wanker
drummer tattoo ideas
morrissey a sausage jockey
derivative art photography
religious boobs
viagra break glass
can my car float on snow?
dave lee travis picture
musical pedantry in pictures
That said, all these are dwarfed by the desire to know more about three particular women: Charlotte Rampling; Anita Pallenberg; and Princess Margaret. In the past week, they have respectively been responsible for 71, 97 and 120 visits to Cultural Snow. What this means about my blog, or my writing, or my readers, I don’t really know. But this particular selection of variously damaged lovelies does suggest that the casting director of Charlie’s Angels was missing a trick.


Rog said...

Nice to see Margaret without a fag hanging from her lips. So to speak.

"Big in Latvia" - don't knock it, it's the future.

E. Studnicka said...

I was wondering why googling "flabby-butted necrophile" kept bringing up pictures of Dave Lee Travis...

Romeo Morningwood said...

Princess Margaret was a million times more interesting than anyone else in her family.

Consider yourself fortunate to have gatherd such an eclectic following. The three people who click on my blog once a year are all trapped in a sheep shearing station near Alice Springs.

Billy said...

sausage jockey? isn't he vegetarian?

Tim F said...

Rog: It's the Latvia/Djibouti link I can’t fathom. Sounds like the sort of World Cup tie that makes ITV commentators call in sick.

Interestingly, MWB, every part of DLT is flabby *except* his buttocks. Even his beard has cellulite.

Princess Margaret yearned to be trapped in a sheep-shearing station, Donn.

Strictly Quorn, Billy.

amyonymous said...

I'm a straight woman and have always been fascinated/seduced by Charlotte Rampling.

Annie said...

Henceforth, I shall always remember to wear my tiara in the bath.

basil papademos said...

Who wouldnt be? I married my ex partly cuz she looked like Charlotte