Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The ballad of Samuel K Amphong

Some time in the late 1970s, when the letters page of NME occupied an equivalent level of cultural significance to, say, Stephen Fry’s Twitter feed today, the following epistle appeared:
Where is Beatles band? This band who have not been as of late clear of circumstance. Beatles Band! Can we no longer hear there medolious throng? John! Paul! All in Beatles Band come forth! What question have we to put? Now? Arguments neccessary can begin with whole results expected for any return. Ringo! Here in Thailand Beatles band experience is long loved and can be hurt away from John, Paul etc. Please give any news to Samuel K. Amphong of address similar to above. yours as in rock!
Samuel K Amphong, Thailand
It is lost in the mists of time and sulphate as to whether this was a genuine enquiry or a bit of space-filling devilment on the part of Danny Baker, but more than three decades later, I set off to find out. The answer is here. Sort of.


LC said...

I visited this place in Tokyo a couple of years ago:

They did a great version of Sgt Peppers Ronery Hearts Crub.

Betty said...

Hmm, I wonder what happened to John Connolly of New Barnet?

Rog said...

The "Fifth Beatle" is looking very pleased with himself. Is it Stuart Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper?

Billy said...

I'm going to sign off every letter "yours as in rock" from now on. EVEN AT WORK.

Tim Footman said...

That looks fab, LC. Might be going back there soon, will report.

Or Barry Wong from Durham, Betty. Or Tim Mickleburgh of Grimsby. They were the analogue version of Bob Swipe and Wife in the North, weren’t they?

Rog: I’m feeling more like Leppo, who crawled inside a box with a German.


Tony Renner said...

I still remember reading Samuel K. Amphong in the NME back in 1979!

"Where is Beatles band?" lives on.

hack daniels said...

Is it too late to say I hate Rock Follies?