Monday, November 22, 2010


Usually when I tell people I’m in Thailand, their immediate response is “Oh, the Thai people are all so lovely and gentle,” to which the only sensible response is that some of them are. And some are abject arseholes, and most of them are a mixture of the two, just like Swedes and Peruvians and Moroccans and, well, any nationality really. And then they tell me how utterly bloody wonderful the food is in Thailand and I say pretty much the same thing. The difference is, every now and then I’m allowed to help out with a bit of qualitative analysis of the food, as I did recently for CNNGo’s Best Eats survey. Take a look, and feel free to disagree violently, ideally from a position of ignorant prejudice.

Maybe I should do the same thing on the people.


Romeo Morningwood said...

I am not quite sure what I'd do without my position of ignorant prejudice?

I find Thai food very spicy & hot, so I assumed that all Thai people would be the same. Hmm?

Rog said...

I started reading the recviews but was sadly diverted by "Asia’s 30 sexiest athletes" in the right hand sidebar.

Can't actually remember which hand it was though ...fnnarrrgghhh!