Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know I really shouldn’t get wound up by anything Janet Street-Porter says any more, especially if it’s published in the Daily Mail, but her latest diatribe about social media is just too idiotic to ignore. “Tweeting lets you think you’re important — it confuses activity with content,” she opines. Neglecting to consider, of course, how this distinguishes a Twitter account from, say, a column in the Daily Mail.


LC said...

You know what, fuck it, I am not clicking that link. Much as I want to get involved in the argument, I'm not going to dignify anything in the DM with a page-view.

Street-Porter is just trolling now; nothing she says on the subject of digital media warrants and sort of grown up discussion. Let the stupid cow fester in her own irrelevance.

Valerie said...

What makes me unhappy (as a trained scientist) is sentences such as "Scientists say spending too much time playing computer games and social ­networking will change how our brains ­operate, shortening attention spans, ­making us less ­sympathetic and more self-centred." Which scientists? And where? Show me the studies. I'm about to embark on a study of social networking which I expect to actually show that social networking makes us more generous -- presumably because we're more empathetic, not less so, with our fellow human beings.

This stuff passes for journalism and it persuades people. I'm not even going to say this is a recent phenomenon, because it's not. It just persists in making me angry.

broken biro said...

It's the Daily Mail - what do you expect it to say? I'm not clicking the link

broken biro said...

p.s. just trying to catch up with all your excellent posts - no time to comment on all, except to say you've just been elevated to my 'favourites' list ;-)