Saturday, November 27, 2010

Verbal diarrhoea

I know, I know, Engrish just isn’t a funny concept, and it can sometimes veer towards racism. I mean, doubtless there’s a language somewhere in which “Cultural Snow” means “flabby-buttocked necrophile” and if you speak it and you have visited this page, I hope I have given you a moment of amusement, and you will post it on a website that pokes fun at  me and my kind. We should not be surprised that there are English words or sounds that in other languages have perfectly banal, innocent meanings, or maybe no meaning at all, such as this clothing brand from Singapore (via I-Am-Bored):

But sometimes it’s simply impossible to work out a cogent explanation (from Hong Kong, via Missokistic @ Twitpic):


Richard said...

Cogent explanation - proof reader's comments accidentally left on and sent to printers who don't even speak Engrish.

Proof readers often most astute people. I've been paid for reading unbelievable crap in the past but always kept my comments verbal!

Rog said...

You may be a “flabby-buttocked necrophile" but at least you carry it well Tim.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Plenty of jeans I have seen merit the label 'Wanko'. Designed for the 'flabby-buttocked necrophile' no doubt. ;- )