Thursday, February 26, 2009

Different voices

The BBC’s come in for a bit of abuse in recent months, some of it justified. But just as its friends begin to despair, along comes a programme like this morning’s In Our Time, discussing The Waste Land and you just want to grab all the sneering lackeys of Murdoch and the Mail by their lapels and ask them where that sort of thing’s going to come from once the licence fee’s gone.


garfer said...

I imagine 0.0000001% of the British population listened to that.

This is the whole point of the BBC. All power to them, although I still think Jonathan Woss should get the boot.

Annie said...

Radio 4 is in a league of its own. They should probably just get rid of the rest of it.

(Oh no, I take it back. I also like Being Human which is on BBC3. They can keep that as well.)

I felt a bit let down by the BBC, which I associate with Watch With Mother and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and the World Service, for such right-wing biased bastard reporting during the strike last year, haven't felt the same about it since.

Billy said...

My favourite BBC right-wing froth is the Moral Maze.

Tim F said...

Garfer: He should get the boot for daring to present a music show when he clearly knows nothing about music (Bowie excepted).

Small Boo's been raving about Being Human, Annie. Must check it out.

You just fancy Mad Melanie Phillips, Billy. between her and Gail Trimble, you'd die with a smile on your face.

Robert Swipe said...

Excellent stuff - good old Aunty! And nice to see visual proof that old Tommy Stearns was alos a late-night Open University lecturer in the Metaphysics of Scrabble in his spare time...

(Well, human kind can only bear so many triple word scores...)



wrude vercification realiz - no, actually...I didn't

Dave said...

It was good, wasn't it? I listened to it on a long car journey.

And then in the afternoon it's Test Match Special.