Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the bubbles in this Aero...

Small Boo and I have long complained that it's damn near impossible to remember which commodity goes with which wedding anniversary. I mean, all the obvious ones for the big numbers: silver; ruby; gold; they're pretty easy. But the earlier ones are impossible. Which one's paper? China? Leather? And are they different in other countries? Anyway, we decided to create a definitive list, on the basis that we're right and everyone else is wrong, unless they agree with us. But we got bored after about a dozen. So you lot are going to have to finish it.

1 year: dental floss
2 years: belly-button fluff
3 years: pencil shavings
4 years: papier maché
5 years: corduroy
6 years: Arctic roll
7 years: dog hair
8 years: nail varnish
9 years: cough sweets
10 years: xylophones
11 years: gravel
12 years: assorted souvenirs from Radio One roadshows 1974-1979
13 years: over to you...


Rog said...

13:Argos Catalogue

14: Vinyl

Marsha Klein said...

15. Liniment.

16. Bull-dog clips

17. Velcro

Murph, do you mean vinyl as in gramaphone records or floor covering?

Oooh, can't wait to see what 21 is!

Marsha Klein said...


Anonymous said...

18. Elastic bands

19. Operation appointments

I want it to be my (or anyone-else-willing-to-serve-it-up's) 6th wedding anniversary today.

Unknown said...

20. New martini glasses and a supply of gin.

Annie said...

21 - Pick n Mix

Anonymous said...

18. vodka

Christopher said...

19. Cretonne...

...according to the annual Almanac de La Poste which our postman turned up with a few days ago. There's a complete list of the French anniversaries inside the front cover (yours are much more original):

1. Cotton
2. Leather
3. Wheat
4. Wax
5. Wood
6. Chypre
7. Wool
8. Poppy
9. China
10. Pewter
11. Coral
12. Silk, and so on.

The most bizarre seems to be 31. Basane, false sheepskin boots of cavalryman's overalls.

David said...

15. Prozac
16. Absinthe

Tim F said...

This is all great stuff, especially from Billy and David, who appear to be inventing new numbering systems on the hoof.

Not sure, though, how one would offer a gift made of 'poppy'. Apart from the obvious...

Marsha Klein said...

Oooh, pick'n'mix! Perhaps I should round up a crowd of people who are also celebrating 21 years of married bliss and perhaps we could save Woolworths.

On second thoughts, it may not be worth the effort but I'd really like some Clarnico Mint Creams now!

wv: semon: as preached by a frightfully non-rhotic, Home Counties vicar.

Anonymous said...

23. Illuminati.

Spinsterella said...

Don't be silly Tim, as if anyone ever stays married for 13 years!

Anonymous said...

72. Virgins