Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm intrigued by the story of Daniel Hoevels, the Austrian actor who slashed his own throat on stage after a real knife was substituted for a prop. Apparently, the audience applauded ecstatically at the gory effect, then stopped pretty quickly when they deduced that his commitment to art had gone just that little bit too far. As Andrew Lloyd Webber's lyricist said, "human kind / Cannot bear very much reality."

If only it had been the duel scene from Hamlet, which might have offered even greater potential for amusing blade-related misunderstandings.


C Merry said...

Amazing he went back onstage the next day. He better prepare for world fame now this guy is going to be huge (well more so..). What a strange/amazing story this is. For the rest of his life people will want to see the scar I bet. He'll roll his eyes and wear scarves all the time ;)

Rog said...

It could have been worse. The Play could have been the "John Wayne Bobbit Story".

Tim F said...

Hello, C Merry (or may I call you C?): Yes, an array of commemorative neckwear is doubtless on the looms as we speak.

Murph: Ouch.

West said...

Never thought I'd hear of such a literalist re-enactment of a Mick Jagger lyric. Good job he went for 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' not 'Midnight Rambler', eh? Or was it 'Joe the Lion'?

(I was hoping that you'd be continuing the 'twinkling' nipple theme Tim - but you can't have everything, I suppose...)

Tangentially: Good to see Glen Johnson's wonder strike duly honoured by the MoTD gang... You mark my words Tim, if Pompey carry on like this, before you know it, Lauren will start scoring...


wood denuncification: ousle

It sounds vaguely Saxon, doesn't it?

Tim F said...

Yours is the kiss of death, Bob. 3-0 at home? To Sid and the Sexists? I'm sobbing into my Jim Smith commemorative pillow.