Thursday, September 21, 2006

Normal service resumed

OK, I screwed up. There was no curfew last night. I blame a previously reliable source, the sort of "pal" who confirms to The Sun that someone out of Girls Aloud is going out with someone who was on Microcelebrity Arse Wax Uncut.

Anyway, Bangkoup seems to be back to its smelly, noisy self, with a few exceptions. There are armed troops patrolling some of the big road intersections, while the regular traffic cops put their feet up. The latter aren't happy with the situation, since they're unable to follow their usual routine of approaching drivers for, um, contributions towards the police benevolent fund. There are some good pics at 2bangkok; and RLP is in town, so expect more pungent analysis soon.

On a slightly less tanks-and-soldiers-heavy note, James Blue Cat reminded me how good this is:

One to ponder the next time we see Dr House doodling on his Bechstein as he broods on his secret longing for Wilson.


treespotter said...

so the night life's okay?

Billy said...

Just read this on the BBC


Tim Footman said...

Yes, Tree, it's party central again.

Billy, the whole political system has been in suspended animation for most of the last year. In the short term, it doesn't make a hell of a lot of difference.

I'm more astonished about this. A tabloid outs you for getting up to mucky stuff with rentboys; to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you bring your wife to Bangkok???

treespotter said...

our president made a speech yday to the army lot, carefully inserting a line where he suggested that the mary keeps up the good work of staying clear of politics.

hmmm.. watch this space.

maybe i should go for holiday there, Jakarta will be on shutdown this weekend.

Annie said...

Blimey, it's all go on Cultural Snow, I was busy for a couple of days and you've been and had a coup. Sorry for my late arrival - hope all is well (she says lamely.)

The first time I've ever visited Comment is Free - my, they do get their knickers in a twist...

world champ stephen neal said...

This is not a pipe.