Tuesday, September 19, 2006

May you live in interesting times...

Blimey, looks as if there's a military coup going on here. PM Thaksin's called a state of emergency, and has ordered the military not to do anything illegal, but he's in NYC. There are troops in govt house.

News media has been replaced by patriotic songs. And it's pissing down.

Will attempt to place updates, although I'm relying pretty much on the BBC at the moment, so you probably know as much as I do.


LC said...

Just read about that in the news and came scurrying over to see what you had to report. It seems a bit surprising - Thailand seems like such a stable, progressive country that this kind of thing is pretty unexpected.

My old man was happily stationed there in the sixties with the army, and I've been to visit a few times now - it would be very sad if things got out of control.

realdoc said...

Wow you're now our man in Bangkok. Keep us updated.

Tim Footman said...

Thailand's certainly stable by comparsion with some of the other countries in the region. If this is a coup, it's the fourth one since 1973, which is pretty good going round these parts.

Progressive? I'll talk about that when the political situation gets a bit less hair-trigger.

I don't think things are getting out of control. Just a bit of musical chairs.

BiB said...

I thought I'd woken up in the wrong decade when I saw a coup in Thailand and riots in Hungary in the news. Still, glad it's only as hairy as a train-strike.