Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More coup-related hilarity

Another attempt to wind up Guardian readers.

But, to ensure balance and fairness: Richard Lloyd Parry doesn't sound entirely convinced that the coup is a reboot rather than a jackboot; anti-coup, anti-Thaksin arguments from a man often described as the only Marxist in Thailand; and Simon Tisdall coins a new verb - "to musharraf".

Well, that was the death of democracy, that was. Unless anything untoward happens (like the generals playing the-cheque's-in-the-post games with the promised delivery of a civilian PM), I'm putting away my white suit and getting back to blethering about Baudrillard and Hugh Laurie and the Guillemots and all that stuff.

PS: But before I leave the subject entirely, the story about go-go dancers being forbidden to gyrate for soldiers made me laugh as well.


Billy said...

I'd like to see Hugh Laurie and the Guillemots colloborate on an album. It could be called The Only Marxist in Thailand.

Spinsterella said...

Oooh, great article Tim. (I'm way too sober to leave any blethering comments over there, you'll be glad to hear.)

I think you should get it made clear in every article that you actually live in Bangkok, though.

(BTW, WTF does 'exiguous' mean?)

orange anubis said...

I don't think you've really blathered about the Guillemots, have you, besides saying you quite like them? Would love to read your thoughts, they kill me (the band, that is).

Tim Footman said...

Bill: On the musical front Hugh Laurie is a big Ian Dury fan. I'm just wondering if House is going to refer to himself as a "raspberry ripple" soon.

Spin: "Exiguous" means meagre or sparse.

OA: I'm wondering whether to do that, or leave it for the end-of-year album review...

WV: "igrlo" - where a Japanese eskimo lives.