Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vignette of the middle-class, 40-something, pan-cultural couple in the 21st century (The Gregg Jevin memorial blog post)

So Small Boo and I are having dinner in a French bistro in Bangkok (OK, but the oeuf en cocotte was a bit runny since you ask) and I’m describing to her my various disagreements on Wikipedia and Twitter about the precise status of Godzilla’s nationality and how it might be ascertained and she sighs a little but can’t really sigh too hard because she’s squinting into her iPhone to determine whether the 1970s frozen chocolate dessert called Lovely was produced by Birds Eye or Lyons Maid.


Rog said...

I ticked the "boo" box. Is that right? It's all got far too meta for me.

Tim F said...

So you have nothing to say about the eggs, Rog?

expat@large said...

Wong's Place they don't serve eggs. But I think Godzilla sings there open mike nights