Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eastern promise

(Image by Chris Coles.)

All the Colors, by Eric Fisher, is according to its subtitle “a novel about Thailand and the search for life beyond Corporate America”. From the Author’s Note:
I have deep respect and admiration for the people of Thailand and their magnificent culture. It’s been many years and many trips since my first sojourn there, yet I remain endlessly fascinated by its beauty. This novel explores only a small subset of Thailand’s diverse beliefs and regions. I encourage everyone to approach this wonderful country in the spirit of adventure and to let it shape its own unique place in your heart.
The first line of the novel itself:
There were two girls in the bed, but he’d only paid for one...


expat@large said...

We've all been there.

Ex-flatmate really did say that once.

Anyway it's two ladies at half-price each.

DanPloy said...

Happy hour?

Tim F said...

You get what you pay for, e@l.

Possibly, Dan. Does that extend to bar fines?