Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Social media explained

I notice that the following does not include any blogging sites per se.  Not even Posterous. The only thing worse than having the piss taken out of you is of course, not having the piss taken out of you. Have blogs finally gone Betamax?

While I’ve got you though, this is rather lovely. Even if its sole purpose is to sell t-shirts.


Vicus Scurra said...

Much as I hate blogging about blogging, I have the feeling that facebook has paralysed, if not killed, the blog. After all, there is nothing that you can do on a blog that you can't do on facebook, other than hope that you will make new friends. That isn't happening as much as it used to, I guess because readers spend too much time on facebook to explore the blogger.

Rol said...

At least we're still ahead of myspace.

Oh, and Vicus - facebook is awful, awful, awful. Get out of there!

Martin said...

I recently dumped Twitter and G+. And, having read that the archive is retained, even after a Facebook account has been deactivated (apparently, it's impossible to delete) is more than a little worrying.

Alistair Fitchett said...

Given that on one day Tumblr can generate some 62 million posts, to say that blogging is paralysed, let alone dead is a little premature, no?

Tim F said...

Facebook isn't a great environment for a long, involved up-its-own-arse screed, Vicus. But since we are the only two people left on the planet with the inclination to create such crap, that doesn't really matter.

MySpace is in eight-track-cartridge territory, Rol. Just waiting for the retro-cool to adhere.

Martin: I'm reminded of that odd Roger Moore film where he haunted himself.

Back to the length issue, Alistair, Tumblr touts itself as a microblogging site. Which, I would argue, is a fish of a different kettle.

feimineach said...

Yeah, Google+ there. Never really happened did it. Google cannot get the social networking right at all.