Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whatever happened to Dirty Gertie?

Ah, if all those behooded young persons watched stuff like this in their formative years, maybe they wouldn’t riot. Boom, and in a very real sense, boom.


Martin said...

I've heard people wish that they could be 18 again. I wouldn't say no, but it would have to be a re-run of when I was that age. Being 18 today isn't nearly as much it?

Tim F said...

I was going to say the music was better when I was 18, but I just had a look at the No 1 singles for that year, and it bloody wasn't.

Steerforth said...

The magic of Basil Brush is the boredom. It was the programme that preceded Doctor Who and I remember willing Basil to shut up and bring the whole painful business to a conclusion so that I could see whether Sarah Jane had survived her fall from the rocket.

Boredom is good for children. It fosters the imagination and help develop a healthy stoicism. Having only three, then four television channels, forced millions of people to watch programmes they wouldn't naturally have chosen. It helped to foster empathy.

The problem with today's multi-channel environment is that we can have the Doctor Who without the Basil Brush, and that's probably not good us.

Steerforth said...

Sorry, I meant "not good for us".