Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post about something other than the bloody riots (mostly)

Inspired by a notion of Annie Slaminsky:
"..."the offences of the night of 9 August ... takes them completely outside the usual context of criminality". [link] At what point will James Murdoch deploy the Top Gear defence, that it's just *banter*? Only one of them was the subject of a Chas 'n' Dave song, I believe. Books people claim as influences, without having read them: The Great Gatsby; Breakfast at Tiffany's. Cigarette makers sue over graphic warning labels [link] Does free speech include right *not* to say something? Nabokov on excellent form, I see :-) At least you took the trouble. Inciting acts of violence gets you four years? Well, Louis Walsh makes me want to punch his face in. Get your trousers, Lou... Let me guess... Criticises the rioters for their abysmal standards of grammar? Fourth Reich? Jesus, not even Nicholas Ridley was that demented. Tonight am going to a production of Carmen in a nightclub. If I don't drown en route. Lawks, if you haven't seen 's Bad Date Compendium... [link] Well, that was different. Yeeees. In Thai. With binbags and a breakdancing terrorist. Well I didn't, and i think I got an OK deal. For Su Pollard it's a lifetime.


Rog said...

Jack Kerouac used to do this and it was rubbish

Anonymous said...

Well that's annoying. I'm now following Rhodri on twitter.
Because he made me laugh - so that'll make up for it I hope.