Saturday, June 04, 2011

Worse than being talked about

I love the interweb, I really do. Not only does it allow activists to connect and coordinate, and facilitate their rebellion against repressive regimes, it also offers the opportunity for the rest of us to make predictable jokes about Ryan Giggs, and feel that we’re as brave and transgressive as the Arab Spring protesters for doing so. Even more importantly, it now provides a dedicated space in which everybody can talk about me.

Even if nobody wants to...

But hey, I shouldn’t feel bad about that. Nobody wants to talk about Baudrillard either. Or the Arab Spring, or even Ryan Giggs.

What if they staged a digital revolution and nobody showed up?


Billy said...

If only there was some sort of forum, or social networking website, where we could talk about such things.

Anonymous said...

I'll post something about you if you tell me what to say. I'm not creative enough to think of anything myself and that's how it works anyway, right?

Tim Footman said...

I did hear about something called Real Life, Billy, but they seem to have pulled the plug on it.

Wouldn't like to be too prescriptive, Tenderhooligan, but the words "intelligent", "talented" and "ferociously attractive" would certainly be useful.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

An artist friend, Mungo McClure has designed a rather witty t-shirt stating: When the revolution comes the part of *you* will be played by *me*


Anonymous said...

"Important rules for using Tim Footman Forum
• No offensive words are allowed in this forum."
...clearly doomed then.