Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wayne on a plane

I’d heartily recommend the efficient and friendly services of Turkish Airlines to anyone, provided you cover your eyes and ears when the safety video comes on.

Leaving aside the fact that for every customer who responds positively to the Manchester United brand there will be at least one who retches, the treatment of the footballers reminds me of how black actors were expected to perform in Hollywood movies in the 1930s: all that’s missing is the eye-rolling. Is it really surprising that millionaires who are paid to goof around like overgrown eight-year-olds might lose any grasp they may have had of the niceties of social behaviour or responsibility that are expected of other adults?


Anonymous said...

Horribly compelling. Compellingly horrible.

Rol said...

You think they ever had a grasp of those things?

Tim Footman said...

Indeed, BWT. Taints what was otherwise a pleasant journey.

Quite possibly not, Rol. Innocent as dim puppies. And the absence of Ryan Giggs in the line-up was noted with ribaldry.