Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Taken out of context, with no knowledge of the artist or his/her intentions, is this cartoon an attack on Islam? Or on terrorism – implying that terrorism is a betrayal of Islamic principles? Or on art? And if we do interpret it as anti-Islamic, where do we place it on a theoretical continuum of offensiveness, with Koran-burning at one end and maybe this

at the other?


Charles Edward Frith said...

It's a gag Tim. No need to make it political.

Anonymous said...

Or a comment on the whole cartoon controversy.
More importantly, I once knew a man who knew a man who made Gadaffi's hats - the peaked military ones. They had a big gap in the top to allow his afro to poke through without the hat having to perch on top.

Tim F said...

You're right, Charles. Bombs and dictators. Could be the Chuckle Brothers.

Wonder why he didn't wear Rasta-style tea cosies, BWT?